Tips For Jewelry Retailers - 2017 is the Year of the Throwback

Tips For Jewelry Retailers – 2017 is the Year of the Throwback

Old Trends are New Again This Year

Jewelry and accessories are often a big part of a woman’s wardrobe, adding different colors, textures and interest to an outfit. A piece of jewelry can either be the main character in an outfit or play a supporting role, often giving women the feeling of being elegant, and fashionable.

Jewelry can complement an outfit, contrast with a look, or pull make something casual look pulled together.

Each new year and new season has new jewelry trends—some are new trends, some build on old trends, and some are complete throwbacks from the 90s or the 70s! As we know, trends always come back from the past.

Your customers are sure to be looking to include some of these timeless trends into their jewelry collections, and many people like to include the trendy pieces as an accent in their collections.

Make sure you stock up with some of these trends for your customers for the new seasons, and we are here to support you with all of your ordering and styling needs in your jewelry line.

Give some thought on how these new and old trends can incorporate into your branding and the aspirational lifestyle you are presenting to your customers.


Choker necklaces were big in the 1990s with pendants and plastic faux tattoo chokers were common among teenagers and pre-teens. Have you ever heard that trends come back? Well, these chokers are back in new designs and materials like gold, crochet, glass, leather, and more.

These versatile pieces can add a flare to any outfit. Especially with the layering trend, you can top off your necklace stack with a choker.

Faux Fine Jewelry

As written in Kathleen Beckett’s New York Times article, there’s a big range of jewelry within the fake jewelry category with a range of prices and quality, and sometimes the “faux” fine jewelry is definitely worth the money, especially when it is well-made with a unique design. If you’re not going to find it anywhere else, it’s usually worth the extra money.


Swarovski makes costume jewelry with the crystals that can easily be priced over $100. They can have several different looks from fun and unique to modern and sleek, fitting the needs of any customer.


The cross is the symbol of Christians, a large religious group across the world. The crucifix has not been in style for the past decade or so, but it is coming back in 2017. We have a wide selection for your customers to choose from.

They can be considered gothic or preppy—it depends how it is styled!

Long Necklaces

Long necklaces have been in for several years and they are not going anywhere. These types of 925 silver necklaces are usually sentimental with some kind of totem or trinket attached, reminiscent of an heirloom quality.

In 2017, InStyle has asserted that we’ll see a lot of statement pendants and lanyards full of charms.

These pieces could be down to the navel and can complement a variety of necklines. On the runway they  have been seen with deep v-neck collars that complement the long chains and add drama.

Rose gold plated

Rose gold jewelry has been trending for the past year, and customers are willing to mix different types of metal in their jewelry. In the past, most people had a strong preference for either gold or silver based on their skin tone and style. It was considered a faux-pas to mix silver and gold, but now the “rules” are changing and mixing and matching works. The romantic, pink hue of rose gold is unique and perfect for a feminine look.


Many women like to combine frills, lace, and feminine style with punk accessories.

It creates an interesting contrast between feminine and grungy that can be slightly confusing and thought-provoking.

Spikes are a step above studded jewelry and create a big attitude for the wearers. They are for the rebels and badasses out there!

Ear Cuffs


Ear cuffs were another trend from the 1990s and have reappeared for 2017. Earring cuffs are a great way to add some metallic interest and texture to a look. Since multiple piercings are popular, these cuffs are a great twist on earrings. Ear cuffs are different than earrings because they cover more real estate on the ear and they also don’t require a hole in the ear.

Inline Charm Necklaces

The inline charm trend is popular at the moment and also looks great layered with other 925 silver necklaces. Since these are simple pieces, they look great together or separate and can add simple elegance to an outfit.

Layered Necklace

Small pendants on necklaces are great for layering and combinations. You can layer different shapes, sizes, and metal colors to add interest and sparkle to your accessories. The dainty version of this trend is layers of light-weight gold chains in different lengths to create a glimmering look that seems feminine and refined.

Arm Cuffs

Arm cuffs seem like a throwback because they were popular in the 70s. There are classic images of Cleopatra wearing a gold arm cuff, and it is the adornment of a goddess.

With spring and summer coming, keep this trend in mind. These non-traditional arm cuffs will be popular in the upcoming seasons and women will be wearing arm cuffs to accentuate their summer ensembles.


Statement Earrings

Statement earrings, like ear cuffs, draw a lot of attention and interest around the face. These earrings can follow clean lines to complement clothing with strong shapes and silhouettes.

Most of the statement earrings that are trending are silver, shifting from the dominance of chunky and gold jewelry, this feels like a fresh shift.

Stacking Rings


Many times, stacking 925 silver rings are small and dainty which allows them to be stacked into looking like one full ring from afar. Some women also stack medium sized rings for a chunkier look.

This is a big trend on instagram, and harder to pull off in real life. The goal is to look understated and chic instead of to look like you’re trying hard. To create this look, you would think the best way would be to buy only minimal styles, but getting creative is way more fun for your customer and statement rings instantly makes a stack of rings look better.

Knuckle Rings

Knuckle rings, also known as midi rings, add a lot of shine to the hands, and wearing multiple rings is a very popular trend now.

The 925 silver knuckle rings are usually small and simple and sit above your first knuckle instead of the base of the finger. With the trend of multiple rings on the hands, the knuckle ring adds a lot more texture and interest.

With the low prices, you can pile on several midi rings—and don’t worry, even though it looks like it might, it won’t fall off your hand!

Multiple Earrings

Scroll through Instagram and you can plainly see this 2017 trend is big and wearing a mix of different 925 silver earrings is the thing to do. It’s easy to see why everyone loves this look—it’s pretty! Bold earrings can still be part of the look, and the smaller studs will complement each other.


The secret to mixing and matching earrings is just to make sure the look is cohesive. Mix the metals and stones in different shapes and sizes, but keep them similar, such as mixing minimalist studs together or mixing feminine and delicate diamond studs and hoop earrings together.

Mismatched earrings have been trending in jewelry for about two years, and they aren’t going anywhere. Since many women have more than two ear piercings, it is common for women to wear mismatched earrings, and these studs are a fun addition to her collection.

Stacked bracelets

The bangle charm bracelet has been trending, and the plain chain charm bracelet is a classic choice. The great thing about the bangle charm bracelets is that they can be easily stacked and they look great as bangles with a beautiful chiming sound when the wearer moves. You will know when she is coming!

From stacking bracelets with multiple chains, large and chunky bracelets, to beaded bracelets. These can add a pop of color and uniqueness or stay elegant and understated with gold or 925 silver bracelets.

We hope this list of jewelry trends for 2017 will help inform your stocking choices this year.

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