12 Kids Jewelry Pieces That Silver Retailers Should Know About

12 Kids Jewelry Pieces That Silver Retailers Should Know About

Flip These Pieces to Students for a Great Profit

Whether it’s kids, teens or college students shopping for themselves, or friends and family members shopping for them, there will be demand for new jewelry styles while kids are in school.

And your job is to provide the hot, in-demand styles that people want. Of course, you’ll end up making a tidy profit along the way.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of 20 jewelry pieces that are the perfect accessories for school outfits. We even divided these pieces into different categories. So, if you are targeting a specific type of customer, you’ll know exactly what to buy.

The customer categories are:

  • Youngsters (middle school to junior high students)
  • High school students
  • College students

Customer Category #1: Youngsters (Middle School and Junior High Students)

With this group of customers, you want to keep pieces fun. Middle school and junior high students aren’t looking to be the next fashion model (not yet, at least).

They’re more concerned about fitting in with their friends, exploring their own sense of style and mostly just buying whatever seems fun.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to price these pieces low since this customer group isn’t likely to spend a lot of money on any one piece.

Instead, you want to offer this age group variety. Give them a wide range of different styles of jewelry – at an affordable price – and you’ll see returns.

Also, be careful about buying jewelry that is too “kiddish” if you are targeting middle schoolers to junior high students. While elementary school students are likely to wear pandas, dolphins and such, kids quickly grow out of such items.

You’re better off using more age-neutral shapes like stars and hearts (unless you’re aiming at the elementary school market).

Piece #1: Children’s Silver Butterfly Ear Studs with Epoxy and Epoxy Color


These cute blue butterfly ear studs are the perfect jewelry item for younger customers. They are fun, light, and free.

Parents will be completely fine buying these pieces for their children as well.

After all – what could be more innocent than a butterfly?

Piece #2: Children’s Silver Unicorn Ear Studs with Epoxy and Epoxy Color


Unicorns may be mythical, but they can definitely lead to real profits.

These best-selling unicorn ear studs have an epoxy coloring that makes them more of a “fun” unicorn than a “mystical” unicorn – ideal for the younger set.

Put these studs next to some rainbow and star necklaces and you’re good to go!

Piece #3: Wholesale Kids’ Silver Heart Ring


Even though kids don’t have much money, some of them still want to look elegant.

However, parents don’t want to spend a ton of money on pieces.

This piece is the solution! It’s classy and refined, with a gemstone set in the middle for added elegance.

Trust us – this silver heart ring will be a hot seller in your store.

Piece #4: Wholesale Silver Wink Colorful Ear Studs


These colorful ear studs are so fun they’re practically irresistible.

After all, a “winky” face is the definition of silly.  And if there is one thing that kids are – it’s playful!

Put these next to the pandas and other smiley face jewelry and you’ll be impressed with the results.

Customer Category #2: High School Students

This category is interesting because high school is when students often start experimenting with crazy haircuts and wardrobes (with the accessories to match).

As we’ll see later on, college kids want to keep experimenting with style too, and they are more fashion conscious. High schoolers are more into personal expression.

That means that you’ll want some “edgier” pieces available for high school students in addition to the standbys the more conservative students will choose.

Piece #1: Silver Knot Ear Studs


These “knot “ ear studs are fabulous.

Think of the class president, or a cheerleader, or anyone in high school with a refined yet “in your face” style – they’ll want these ear studs.

In other words, these are your hot item for the more conservative high school crowd.

Piece #2: Wholesale Silver Tree Pendant


Trees create feelings of growth, calm, and ease.

They remind us of our connection to the natural world, and are a great item to stock for students who are ecologically / spiritually minded.

And in today’s age, the youth are very conscious of sustainability and protecting the environment.  So they’ll be buying these tree pendants for sure!

Piece #3: Wholesale Silver Lighthouse Charm


A lighthouse is a safe haven, a symbol that a tough journey is just about to be over.

They create feelings of reassurance in your customers, and they also connect with any customers who live near the sea.

Definitely stock up on this piece, ESPECIALLY if your store is in a coastal area.

Piece #4: Silver Plain Bangle


You really can’t go wrong with a plain silver bangle.

Today’s kids like to layer their bracelets by wearing several at a time. To do that, they need at least one silver plain piece to tie things together.

Also, this bracelet is likely to be a hot seller with other age brackets as well, since it’s such a classic design.

Category #3: College Kids

This is an interesting category of students to sell to as they are finally “on their own” and away from Mom and Dad.

While the parents may still be stuck paying their bills, the students have a degree of freedom that they have never experienced before.

Predictably, many college students use this time period to experiment even further with items such as belly button rings, nose rings and additional ear piercings.

Studs are particularly popular piercings as well.

It’s important to realize that with high school or younger customers, you must simultaneously please the parents and the kids; this does not hold true for college kids.

You have only one goal: making the sale to the college student. And that means offering them styles that their parents may or may not approve of.

Piece #1: Body Jewelry Dreamcatcher Belly Banana with Crystal and Epoxy


If you want to talk about “out there” style, this Dreamcatcher Belly Banana is about as out there as you can get!

A dreamcatcher is meant to catch negative dreams before they enter your body, so there is some strong symbolism here.

If you sell jewelry to a community that has a lot of college women who attend yoga classes, this is a smart piece to stock.

Piece #2: Bali 12mm Silver Ear Hoops


Bali is a famous destination for travelers looking to “find themselves”, and these Bali silver ear hoops will appeal to that same crowd.

The silver intertwined with black makes this piece a bit edgy while retaining a minimalist style.

Piece #3: Silver Triangle Necklace with Imitation Howlite


This necklace is unique. The double triangles, offset by different materials, creates a very modern feel to this piece.

The sterling silver keeps things refined – you can imagine art, theatre, or perhaps English majors picking this piece up.

If your store is near a college campus, you can’t go wrong with this necklace.

Piece #4: Silver Ball 12mm Black Ruthenium plated Plain Ear Studs


These ear studs pull double duty.

For the “hard-rocking” college kids, these studs go perfectly with any torn jeans and leather jacket.

However, black is such a universally used color that these Ruthenium plated pieces can appeal to college students in general as well!

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