925 Silver Rings Giveaway Worth $400

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Another amazing #giveaway is finished.
1150 people take part in this competition.

And now we have 3 #winners:
  1. Stephanie (@aol.com)
  2. Lyza (@gmail.com)
  3. Jess (@gmail.com)

Every winner will receive 10 #sterling #silver #rings, like promised!
Congratulations and stay tuned. Another valuable giveaway coming soon!

This time our giveaways are 10x bigger than usual !
We will offer 30(!) silver rings to 3 winners (10 rings for each).
As manufacturer we are selling this ring for 5.38$ which means that you will find it on the market for approximately 40$ !Every winner will get 10pieces, therefor the commercial value of this prize is 40×10 = 400$ !!This nice and shiny ring is very particular because of his unique combination of Prong and Bezel setting.

Sample of sterling silver ring with CZ stones

Sample of sterling silver ring with CZ stones

For those who are not familiar with these terms please let me explain.

This ring is made out of 7 Cubic Zirconia stones: 6x on the star part and 1x on the other end of the ring.

Each stones needs to be set manually by hand.6 stones are hold thank to 4 prongs around each stone. This is called prong setting. This setting is quite common, but this doesn’t change the fact that it requires special ability to make it properly and strong enough to hold for years.
On the other end of the ring, 1 stone is set through a more sophisticated and delicate process called bezel setting.As you can see, this round Stone is enveloped into silver all the way around. There are no prongs, it’s embed into the silver item!

Also very convenient, this ring is not close, which means that its size can be adjusted to fit most women fingers.

You will win for sure, two choices are available for you:

  1. Use them as gifts for your friends, colleagues and relatives,or
  2. start your own small jewelry business!

Try to sell it at your school, eBay, local market, feel the taste of starting your own business! After you successfully sale, you can order more on our website. Who knows, may be it become your main passion in life?..

Start your jewelry business with help of our giveaway!

Start your jewelry business with help of our giveaway!

See all wholesale silver rings!

So take part of our giveaway now and tell to all your friends!

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