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Wholesale Studs for Girls with Original Swarovski Crystals at ELF925

Our new La Crystale collection of 925 silver studs for girls with original swarovski crystals gives inspiring fashionistas the extra bling factor.  All silver studs for girls manufactured by ELF925 are made from hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver and are set with either plain or colored original swarovski crystals, or a combination of both.  Suitable for children from 3 to 10 years old, each fun set comes with a card displaying the original swarovski brand for authenticity.  Bulk buy wholesale 925 silver studs for girls today and receive free overseas shipping on orders of $499 and above.

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Your little girl will love to go back to school or to a friend’s birthday party wearing these sterling silver butterfly La Crystale kids’ earrings. The earrings feature a total of 24 Swarovski stones. With a part size of just 5 x 8 mm, this piece of jewelry has a total silver weight of 0.45 grams. Be sure to have this jewelry in stock no matter the season, as customers will certainly come back for more.
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Bestow your child with a nice elegant touch with the soft golden color of this rounded crystal ear studs. These earrings possess a distinctive sparkle that's rich in every way with its textured cluster of tiny gems.
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Amethyst Greige Indian Siam Indicolite ...
Indian Siam
Light Rose
Light Sapphire
(no items selected)
The world is blissful and very colorful to a child's eyes, and every little girl will appreciate this fizzy ball formed from different vivid hues and shades! Kindle her playful and fun-loving side with this eye-catchy kaleidoscope earrings.
$3.26 $4.08
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Let your princess feel how much she is cherished and loved most with these meaningful and very expressive heart earrings. Each heart-shaped silver piece is overwhelming with glitzy round Swarovski crystals in various attractive and vibrant, lovely colors!
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Sweet strawberries can add a unique twist to any outfit and enhance any attire with its fruity ambiance! These earrings come in quirky red berry shapes with green leafy accents on top, studded with brilliant black crystals as the seeds.
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Has your child developed a love for birds and dreams to own one? Wish granted with the most colorful bird there is in this sparkling crystal-studded macaw. It'll be a big surprise, bird enthusiast or not, since it can also be a gift of unbeatable freedom!
$3.99 $4.99
42 item(s) in stock
What's wintertime without snow to watch through the windowsill, roll into balls for fun playtime, or build a friendly snowman! Let her have two at once right on her ears, frosty and sparkly with crystals adorned with a cool blue hat and polished red scarf.
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Sweets for your sweet little girl with fabulous holiday candy canes created with the sheen of Swarovski studs amidst a vibrant red curved form, alternating the traditional red and white colors of the timeless Christmas treat.
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Indulge in luxury with these VIP dogs pampered with glittering crystals from head to toe up to the tip of their tails! They even have striking red collars cozily wrapped around their necks. Every child will love their new loyal friends and bring them along anywhere they please.
$4.73 $5.91
94 item(s) in stock
An awesome piece of jewelry to your kid's jewelry box that will surely not flutter and won't fly away, but remain there for safekeeping. She will always have this glowing golden butterfly close as it gracefully rests on her ears.
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Give your little darling a priceless gift of a finely crafted butterfly silhouette in a very attractive glittering blue hue, with rounded Swarovski crystals featured as the centerpiece. She will surely hold them dear to her forever!
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Dab an instant touch of elegance on your child's overall look for a grand occasion as butterflies flutter with sophistication on her tiny ears! She will feel like a real princess with this golden bit of treasure.
$3.37 $4.21
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Fly, fly, fly, sparkling butterflies! These crafty, stylish, flashy baby blue earrings will soar high with your child's imagination. It likewise encourages their love for nature and appreciation for all its wonderful creatures filled with precious life.
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Make way for Little Miss Santa! The most wonderful time of the year can be made spectacular with these amusing tiny pointed red hats lined with rounded Swarovski crystals on the trim and another dazzling gem as the pompom on top.
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Green is a color of wealth, life, nature, ambition, growth, and more, which looks exceptional when rendered by dazzling Swarovski gems! These snakes are laden with the brightness of vividly-colored green crystals as they curl up in their most elegant form.
$3.50 $4.38
74 item(s) in stock
Let your little one have some sparkling fun with an ice cream that never melts! Her little ears will hold a lustrous silver crisp cone filled with yummy glittring red velvet topped with tidbits of clear round Swarovski crystals.
$2.02 $2.53
62 item(s) in stock
A sweet treat for a darling little girl, these towering pink cupcakes will make her day and satisfy her sweet tooth! It's fluffy with bits of Swarovski gems, eye-catchy with cherry-top, and magical with its deliciously pink flavor!
22 item(s) in stock
Got yourself a passionate dog lover or a daughter raving about adorable pups? Get her the even more adorable Swarovski bling doggy bone earrings, lined with genuine silver throughout its silhouette and brimming with crystals from within!
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Drape your daughter's small ears in the midnight blue magnificence of these heavenly bodies. Day or night, Swarovski moon earrings are capable of enhancing any outfit and will surely make her look quite brilliant from every angle!
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Twinkle, twinkle, my little child. Stars won't be the only one beaming as your daughter brightens up with sheer delight upon seeing this crystal-studded earrings! These elegant white stars will make her shine and stand out in any occasion.
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Is love really just portrayed as red, or could it be blue? Take a look at how exquisitely breathtaking blue Swarovski crystals can be when they are used to great effect, with each small blue gem filling out the shape of a heart in these earrings.
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Rose Tanzanite Vintage Rose
Vintage Rose
(no items selected)
Give the gift of hearts and valentines with these impossibly romantic heart studs! A silver piece supports the heart full of smaller paved stones that radiate a healthy rose hue, pulling on your heartstrings.
$3.68 $4.60
116 item(s) in stock
Rose Vintage Rose
Vintage Rose
(no items selected)
Beautiful are the pink roses, especially when adorned on the ears as a fashion statement for your child! Heart-shaped studs prominently show a perfect rosey heart encrusted with the finest and most delicate roses made of Swarovski crystals.
136 item(s) in stock
Crystal Rose Vintage Rose
Vintage Rose
(no items selected)
Have your child wear the luck o' the Irish with these quaint and charming four leaf clover earrings! Each stud has a silver outline of the famous lucky clover, bedecked with a lot of small fern green crystals that completes the effect.
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Swans are perfect as fashion accessories because they are elegant and pure in nature. Your child will love the silver swans floating in an imaginable lake, and will gasp in delight at the wings created with the whitest, purest crystals.
18 item(s) in stock
Turtles might be slow, but they can sure finish the fashion race by being unstoppably majestic! The cutest silver turtles are depicted in each stud, complete with a head, arms and legs, and a green-shelled back with the highest-quality Swarovski gems.
73 item(s) in stock
Aquamarine Erinite
(no items selected)
A hop and a skip is all it takes to be on the top of fashionable accessories! The pair of frog earrings are of silver material, and they are lying on their back. The green highlights are from the collection of small, paved emerald stones in the middle of their backs.
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All children love to have their teddy bears close beside them when they sleep, but how about a bear that they can wear on their ears? Cuddly silver bears show off their pink tummies literally stuffed and embedded with brilliant pink crystals!
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Crystal Vintage Rose
Vintage Rose
(no items selected)
Make your child look like she came from the Emerald City with these grand ear studs! Each pair is crafted and inlaid with tiny crystal Swarovskis of the richest verdant green, irregularly shaped with soft and pointed edges.
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Wreaths of flowers made of the most delicate glass adorns the ear in these elegant studs! Closely arranged shining crystals form an ethereal, transparent wreath structure of precious gems, an excellent addition to any fashion ensemble.
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These cross stud earrings will protect your child's fashion sense with a classic cross made of Swarovski crystals. The crosses are inlaid with small gems, shining out like many rays of hope when exposed to the light.
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Show your infinite love and have your child wear these sophisticated ear studs! Each stud has a looping curve that is shaped like an infinity sign, complete and fully encrusted with small purple crystals glittering in the daytime or night time.
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If you need a one-two combination of unique and gorgeous, then these are the earrings for you. Curiously shaped ear studs have a pointed end at the top which branches into two and follows a slow curve downwards, designed by a paving of small black Swarovski gems.
$2.46 $3.07
58 item(s) in stock
All arrows point to a perfect 10 in being fashionable, all because of these amazing pair of stud earrings! An arrow is formed after a pattern of smaller Swarovski crystals of a rosey color are paved and fastened on a silver base.
$2.62 $3.27
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A fairy tale-like happy ending is what your child will experience with these dainty silver crystal ear studs! Each earring is in the shape of a clear glassy high-heeled shoe with a ribbon at the front, much like what Cinderella lost but ultimately led her to her Prince Charming.
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Crystal Light Rose
Light Rose
(no items selected)
Express yourself right from the heart with these highly attractive earrings made up of a kaleidoscope of colors. The astounding beauty of this epitome of love flashes through its ravishing crystalline form, which is gracefully set upon a heart-shaped silver lining in an authentic piece of jewelry.
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