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Stainless Steel Bracelets for Women

ELF925’s stainless steel bracelets for women come in many colors (gold, black, steel, colored cord) and attractive designs (bangles, links, with natural stones, leather, ceramics). We use top quality 316L surgical grade stainless steel to ensure our stainless steel bracelets are 100% skin friendly, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Browse our collection of stainless steel jewelry from Thailand and buy in bulk today, we offer free international shipping on wholesale orders of $499 and above.

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A wonderful versatile wear-everyday kind of accessory, this stainless steel twist bracelet can be worn with matching necklaces or bracelets to create a luxurious evening style. Made of surgical grade stainless steel and brass and featuring a gold plated finish, the bracelet has a length of 15 cm and a thickness of 4 mm. Have this stainless steel twist bracelet for women in stock at all times as they are sure to catch the eye.
$2.50 $3.12
50 item(s) in stock
Feel the love with this stainless steel bracelet for women that will easily complement any outfit in your closet. Whether the occasion is casual or dressy, this attention-getting stainless steel heart bracelet for women is sure to make a lasting impression each time you put it on. This charming piece of jewelry can quickly become one of your favorites. Your customers are sure to come back for more when you stock this adorable piece of jewelry.
$2.50 $3.12
57 item(s) in stock
Whether you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays or simply for a treat for yourself, this stainless steel star bracelet is a wonderful choice. Spice up any of your looks with this lovely jewelry. The lightweight design of this piece of silver jewelry lets you wear it in comfort all day long. Have this beautiful item in your store at all times by ordering in bulk.
$2.50 $3.12
70 item(s) in stock
Take central stage when you wear this stainless steel flower bracelet that makes it so very easy to get noticed no matter the occasion. Wear this bracelet alone or in combination with other stainless steel pieces for a coordinated look. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Stocking this lovely piece of jewelry is easy thanks to our wholesale offers.
$2.50 $3.12
71 item(s) in stock
This affordable stainless steel bangle for women makes a chic gift for any of the special women in your life. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. This piece of jewelry is a must have item. You can wear it to any event and with any outfit, whether formal or informal. Be sure to impress your customers by adding this piece of jewelry to your offer.
$4.74 $5.92
79 item(s) in stock
Go for this fabulous stainless steel bangle bracelet for women whenever you want to shine at an event or simply when you want to feel special. The high polish finish of this piece of jewelry makes it perfect for those moments when you want to shine. Add this stainless steel bangle bracelet to your basket for the next order to make sure you’re never out of stock.
$1.97 $3.93
64 item(s) in stock
Surprise that special someone in your life by offering them this unique piece of silver jewelry that will be a cherished reminder of your friendship. This is one of those all-around items that can easily complement just about any of your outfits no matter the occasion. Made from sterling silver, the jewelry has a part size of 10 x 10 mm. This jewelry will make a lovely accent for each of your outfits.
11 item(s) in stock
This stainless steel peace sign bracelet for women is great for everyday wear and special occasions alike. The highly polished finish of this stunning stainless steel piece is bound to attract everyone’s attention. Go for this piece when you need a casual accessory. The perfect finishing touch to your outfit, this peace sign bracelet will surely turn heads. Make sure this jewelry is never out of stock by taking advantage of our buying in bulk offers.
$1.28 $1.60
38 item(s) in stock
Bring the elegance of stainless steel into your outfits with this bracelet for women. Refresh your wardrobe by adding this stunning bracelet that will certainly attract comments from your friends and family. The lobster claw clasp of this jewelry means that the bracelet will stay on securely at all times. The part size of the bracelet is 15 x 15 mm. Be sure to impress your customers by adding this piece of jewelry to your offer.
28 item(s) in stock
Take someone’s breath away when you offer them this circle bracelet made from highly polished stainless steel. This beautiful stainless steel circle bracelet for women will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. The length of the chain is 16 cm and the part size of the bracelet is 13 x 13 mm. Increase your profits with this lovely piece of stainless steel jewelry.
39 item(s) in stock
If you want to purchase an accessory that people will notice for sure, this stainless steel star bracelet for women is exactly what you have been looking for. Whether you are looking for a new accessory for a special occasion or for an evening out with friends, it is impossible not to get noticed when you wear this silver piece, as it is easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. A high polish finish complements the fine craftsmanship of this piece of jewelry. Be sure to have this piece of jewelry in your stock no matter the season so you can boost your sales.
$1.28 $1.60
213 item(s) in stock
Spoil yourself with this stainless steel star bracelet for women or offer them to a friend or family moment for a special occasion. This adorable jewelry makes a perfect choice for women of all ages who like to sparkle. Add this piece to your jewelry collection or offer it as a gift to someone you care about. Available for bulk orders at wholesale prices, this lovely jewelry should not miss from your stock.
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Add a touch of industrial style to your wardrobe with this stainless steel beaded bracelet for women. A fascinating piece of jewelry that works well on any occasion, this stainless steel beaded bracelet for women will bring a touch of inspiration to your outfits. Stylish and durable, this piece will be with you for the years to come. This jewelry is available for wholesale orders, so add it to your list next time you place an order.
$2.81 $3.12
21 item(s) in stock
Look your best when you wear this lovely stainless steel beaded bracelet for women that will make you the center of attention. The highly polish of this attractive piece of jewelry makes it easy to pair them with other pieces in your collection. Made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel, this bracelet is durable and pretty at the same time. Our wholesale offers are unbeatable, so be sure to stock up now.
Only 6 item(s) left!
Adaptable enough to wear with everything, this lovely stainless steel beaded bracelet for women can easily become a go-to staple in your collection. Made from stainless steel, this flawless bracelet will catch the eye of everyone you meet and be the start of endless conversations. This stainless steel jewelry features a high polish finish for extra shine. Our wholesale offers are unbeatable, so be sure to stock up now.
$1.23 $1.37
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