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Wholesale Silver Pendants with Semi Precious Stones

ELF925 is proud to present a beautiful silver pendant with semi precious stones. Genuine amethyst, swiss blue topaz, tourmalines and peridot crystals are just a few of the semi-precious stones that adorn our sterling silver jewelry. These pendants will fit almost any type of necklaces and come in many different fashion designs. Our large stock of silver pendants at wholesale prices are ideal for jewelry buyers. We offer free delivery on bulk orders over $499. 

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Sterling silver ribbon pendant with amethyst gem stone
58 item(s) in stock
Genuine Black Onyx Genuine Citrine Genuine Emerald Genuine Garnet ...
Genuine Black Onyx
Genuine Citrine
Genuine Emerald
Genuine Garnet
Genuine Peridot
Genuine Sky Blue Topaz
Genuine White Topaz
(no items selected)
Featuring a timeless design, this silver flower pendant with semi precious stones looks stunning on its own or combined with other silver pieces in your collection. Whether you decide to wear this lovely pendant at a formal or casual event, you can be sure you’ll attract lots of attention. This jewelry makes a sensational choice of a gift for Mother’s Day and Christmas. Take advantage of our wholesale orders and add this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry to your stock.
113 item(s) in stock
Genuine Amethyst Genuine Ruby Genuine Sapphire
Genuine Amethyst
Genuine Ruby
Genuine Sapphire
(no items selected)
Embrace the classic look with a contemporary twist when you wear this silver cross pendant. The high polish finish of this 925 sterling silver jewelry makes it an excellent accessory for any occasion. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. Make sure you always have this item in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale orders.
62 item(s) in stock
Genuine Amethyst Genuine Pink Tourmaline Genuine White Topaz
Genuine Amethyst
Genuine Pink Tourmaline
Genuine White Topaz
(no items selected)
Wear this lovely sterling silver cross pendant on a special occasion, or simply to accessorize an otherwise casual outfit. It is impossible not to get noticed when you wear this sterling silver cross pendant, as it is easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. This jewelry looks good on its own or combined with other pieces. By having this jewelry in stock all the time, you are sure to increase your sales.
11 item(s) in stock
96 item(s) in stock
Genuine Peridot Genuine Sky Blue Topaz Genuine White Topaz
Genuine Peridot
Genuine Sky Blue Topaz
Genuine White Topaz
(no items selected)
Mix and match to your heart's desire with this sterling silver heart pendant that is chic and sophisticated at the same time. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. With this elegant accessory, you are sure to make a good impression no mater where you go. Shopping for wholesale jewelry is very easy with us, so you’ll never be out of stock.
101 item(s) in stock
Genuine Pink Tourmaline Genuine Rhodolite Genuine Ruby
Genuine Pink Tourmaline
Genuine Rhodolite
Genuine Ruby
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Found 25 items
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