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Wholesale Silver Cubic Zirconia Pendant

ELF925 provides a large collection silver cubic zirconia pendant with a choice of many different designs, from classic geometric shapes, to more exuberant pieces featuring beautiful freshwater pearls. Your customers will certainly be spoilt for choice with our CZ pendants. All ELF925 silver cubic zirconia pendants are available to buy in bulk with free international shipping on orders of $499 and above.

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Surprise someone you care for with this silver heart cubic zirconia pendant that will surely make their day better. The lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it comfortable for all day wear. With a total silver weight of 1.10 grams, this piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry has a part size of 12 x 11 mm. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
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Accessorize your favorite outfit easily with this silver round cubic zirconia pendant that will shine brightly on your neck. With a part size of just 9 x 9 mm, this jewelry is also lightweight for extra comfort as it only weighs 1 gram. The highly polished finish of this silver piece will definitely attract everyone’s attention. Watch sales increase with this eye-catching piece of sterling silver jewelry.
$2.77 $3.46
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The silver heart pendant with cubic zirconia is the ideal way to express your feelings and let someone know you love them. This jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and is tarnish-resistant. The lightweight design of this jewelry is complemented by the small part size. Made from sterling silver, this jewelry is a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. Shopping for wholesale jewelry is very easy with us, which means you’ll never be out of stock.
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The cubic zirconia stones of this heart pendant sparkle in the light to create a magnificent look. This piece of sterling silver jewelry makes it easy to accessorize a simple outfit. The small part size and lightweight design of this jewelry makes it a great gift for just about anyone. Boost your sales with this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry that your customers will simply love.
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Crafted of fine sterling silver, this silver leaf pendant with lobster reflects a love for fashion. This piece of jewelry is also a perfect choice of a gift for someone special in your life. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Order this leaf pendant for your jewelry store and you’ll definitely attract more customers.
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Express your sense of fashion with this silver teardrop pendant with cubic zirconia with cubic zirconia. You will certainly get noticed when you wear this silver piece, as it is so easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. Weighing just 4.55 grams, this piece of jewelry is lightweight for extra comfortable wear. This piece of jewelry is bound to become a hit in your store, so be sure to stock up.
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Found 215 items
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