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Wholesale Studs for Girls with Original European Crystals at ELF925

Our new La Crystale collection of 925 silver studs for girls with original european crystals gives inspiring fashionistas the extra bling factor.  All silver studs for girls manufactured by ELF925 are made from hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver and are set with either plain or colored original european crystals, or a combination of both.  Suitable for children from 3 to 10 years old, each fun set comes with a display card.  Bulk buy wholesale 925 silver studs for girls today and receive free overseas shipping on orders of $499 and above.

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Crystal Rose
Swarovski Color
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Crystal Light Rose
Swarovski Color
Light Rose
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Crystal Jet
Swarovski Color
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Crystal Rose
Swarovski Color
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Crystal Rose
Swarovski Color
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Aquamarine Crystal Peridot
Swarovski Color
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Black Diamond Silk
Swarovski Color
Black Diamond
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The world is blissful and very colorful to a child's eyes, and every little girl will appreciate this fizzy ball formed from different vivid hues and shades! Kindle her playful and fun-loving side with this eye-catchy kaleidoscope earrings.
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Sweets for your sweet little girl with fabulous holiday candy canes created with the sheen of Swarovski studs amidst a vibrant red curved form, alternating the traditional red and white colors of the timeless Christmas treat.
$2.31 $2.89
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Ask any child who the red nosed reindeer is, and you'll undoubtedly get the right answer with a big smile on their innocent faces! Watch as she gets totally excited upon wearing one of Santa's sleigh team with this unique holiday silver piece.
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Owl jewelry is beautiful not only for its ravishing beauty day or night, but for the mysterious ambiance and deeper meaning it holds such as protection and learning. Young and old alike will woot in delight with this dazzling silver and Swarovski combination!
$2.05 $2.93
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An apple an ear will keep your child happy all day! She will look like a cute little lady in red with the freshest and reddest of apples glittering in its crystal state, with dark green leaves still attached to its rich silver earring stem.
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Let your little one have some sparkling fun with an ice cream that never melts! Her little ears will hold a lustrous silver crisp cone filled with yummy glittring red velvet topped with tidbits of clear round Swarovski crystals.
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An awesome gift for lovers of the sea and its fascinating marine life! These fishies are way cooler than the ocean as the blue crystals outsparkle the pristine crystalline waters, matched with a shiny silver frame that makes it a rare catch!
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Got yourself a passionate dog lover or a daughter raving about adorable pups? Get her the even more adorable Swarovski bling doggy bone earrings, lined with genuine silver throughout its silhouette and brimming with crystals from within!
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Drape your daughter's small ears in the midnight blue magnificence of these heavenly bodies. Day or night, Swarovski moon earrings are capable of enhancing any outfit and will surely make her look quite brilliant from every angle!
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Is love really just portrayed as red, or could it be blue? Take a look at how exquisitely breathtaking blue Swarovski crystals can be when they are used to great effect, with each small blue gem filling out the shape of a heart in these earrings.
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Aquamarine Light Siam Rose Vintage Rose
Swarovski Color
Light Siam
Vintage Rose
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Give the gift of hearts and valentines with these impossibly romantic heart studs! A silver piece supports the heart full of smaller paved stones that radiate a healthy rose hue, pulling on your heartstrings.
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Beautiful are the pink roses, especially when adorned on the ears as a fashion statement for your child! Heart-shaped studs prominently show a perfect rosey heart encrusted with the finest and most delicate roses made of Swarovski crystals.
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Found 55 items
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