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Inspired from nature, these children’s crystal ear studs are crafted of fine silver and are the perfect choice for those who want to showcase their love for fashion and furry friends at the same time. Weighing just 0,65 g, these lightweight earrings have 24 stones and are available in black diamond or crystal colors. Featuring a highly polished bear paw, these crystal earrings are an attractive piece of jewelry to buy in bulk and feature in your store.
1997 item(s) in stock
AB Crystal Black Diamond Crystal Fuchsia ...
AB Crystal
Black Diamond
Light Rose
Smoked Topaz
(no items selected)
Secure your sophisticated status with the brilliant demeanor of these snowflake shaped cubic zirconia affixed, 925 sterling silver made CZ crystal colored ear studs
101 item(s) in stock
137 item(s) in stock
AB CZ Crystal CZ Amethyst CZ Garnet CZ Jet CZ Pink
AB CZ Crystal
CZ Amethyst
CZ Garnet
CZ Jet
CZ Pink
(no items selected)
Enjoy the colorful illustration of this rainbow shaped, 925 sterling silver made, yellow, white and red epoxy colored ear studs
1904 item(s) in stock
Every little girl’s dream is to be a ballerina, and with these children’s silver ballerina shoes ear studs with crystal, your child can be a step closer to the dream. The adorable combination of silver and pink crystals makes these children’s earrings an excellent gift choice, as they pair well with most kinds of outfits. The 12 stones of these crystal ear studs shine a beautiful light and make these sparkling ear studs the stars of the jewelry box.
283 item(s) in stock
Crystal Light Peach
Light Peach
(no items selected)
Simple silver ear studs for children in the shape of a small dog paw print.
1108 item(s) in stock
Get overjoyed this christmas by wearing these spectacular crystals affixed, 925 sterling silver made chistmas hat shaped ear studs for children
582 item(s) in stock
These simple silver ear studs have gorgeous aqua blue crystals held in a round prong setting.
414 item(s) in stock
Crystal Emerald Sapphire
(no items selected)
Blending sterling silver and epoxy to create a visually appealing piece of jewelry, these children’s silver Santa Claus colorful ear studs with epoxy are the perfect gift to accessorize a Christmas outfit. The combination of red, white, and black epoxy makes complements most outfits, so it is very easy to combine them with other seasonal accessories for an incredible effect. Make sure you have these Christmas ear studs in stock when the winter holidays are near.
338 item(s) in stock
Take flight with these detailed silver wing ear studs that have an elegant elongated shape.
1794 item(s) in stock
Cute pink flamingoes adorn these children’s silver flamingo colorful ear studs with epoxy to create a funny design that is sure to put a smile on any little girl’s face. The pink and brown epoxy colors blend well with the highly polished silver to create a pair of vibrant children’s earrings that will find a special place in any jewelry box. A top candidate to becoming a bestseller in any jewelry store, these flamingo ear studs only weigh 0.4 grams.
3139 item(s) in stock
523 item(s) in stock
Crystal Emerald Light Sapphire Tanzanite Violet
Light Sapphire
(no items selected)
These silver heart ear studs are a spectacular piece of jewelry that makes a good impression no matter the occasion. Featuring a cute and modern design, this lovely sterling silver pair of sterling silver heart ear studs is a wonderful gift for someone you truly care about. This gorgeous pair of heart earrings is made of solid 925 sterling silver and measures 7 x 7 mm. Stock up on this popular jewelry no matter the season.
628 item(s) in stock
you'll never be basic when you accessorize with the chic styling of rolo single chain, 45 cm of 925 sterling silver linked chain is worth any trouble
505 item(s) in stock
delish and divine, distinctive candy cane shaped , 925 sterling silver ,white and red epoxy colored ear studs are a tempting delight for your ears.
336 item(s) in stock
Fashionable and classy silver ear hoops with a minimalist design and a quality protective coating.
977 item(s) in stock
Showcasing a mix of craftsmanship and beauty, this pair of silver horse ear studs makes an excellent addition to your jewelry box. Made from 925 sterling silver and featuring an oxidized and e-coat finish, these lovely earrings will be the center of attraction at any party. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
1788 item(s) in stock
When Christmas is near, parents and relatives hurry to shop for seasonal gifts, and these attractive Christmas tree colorful ear studs with crystal and epoxy can be the right answer. The green and red epoxy complements the shiny sterling silver perfectly, resulting in a pair of Christmas earrings that is difficult to overlook. The earrings measure 7 x 10 mm and weigh 0.5 grams, being gentle on little ears. These Christmas ear studs are available for bulk orders, so you can always have them in stock.
492 item(s) in stock
Creative and unique silver hoops earrings with a light pink heart charm and glossy cubic zirconia.
372 item(s) in stock
CZ Amethyst CZ Crystal CZ Garnet CZ Jet
CZ Amethyst
CZ Crystal
CZ Garnet
CZ Jet
(no items selected)
This is a lovely pair of children's silver ear studs with a butterfly design and light pink crystals.
616 item(s) in stock
celebrate christmas everyday, with these christmas tree shaped ear studs, 925 sterling silver made and epoxy colors- dark green,red and yellow certainly lights up the room
532 item(s) in stock
Showcase your faith while looking beautiful for all occasions with these plain silver cross ear studs. Made from 925 sterling silver, these beautiful earrings are sleek enough to be work with elegant outfits, and make an excellent choice for casual occasions as well. These cross silver earrings weigh 0.45 grams and measure 7 x 9 mm. A popular design for adults and children alike, these earrings should never be out of your stock.
189 item(s) in stock
If going to Paris is too difficult an endeavor, bring a touch of French class to the jewelry box with these plain silver Eiffel Tower ear studs. Beautifully crafted of 925 sterling silver, these silver ear studs will add a touch of French chicness to an outfit in an instant. Suitable for all ages and available for bulk orders, these Eiffel Tower ear studs are a type of jewelry that is sure to entice customers of all ages.
297 item(s) in stock
Ward off bad luck with these simple silver ear studs for children featuring a black cat design.
202 item(s) in stock
Black White
(no items selected)
This pair of children's ear studs has an eight petal flower design, with white and light pink colors.
178 item(s) in stock
Children's ear studs with a baby panda with a small pink bow and black and white fur.
409 item(s) in stock
lavishing santa claus shaped ear studs, made out of 925 sterling silver and white,pink and red epoxy colors definitely brings the christmas mood into the room.
440 item(s) in stock
If you are looking for an adorable gift for your little girl, these lovely silver unicorn ear studs are a perfect choice. Adorable and stylish, these kids’ silver earrings make an ideal gift for any special occasion. These sterling silver earrings only weigh 0.5 grams and secure with butterfly clasps for extra comfort. This pair of ear studs is just the perfect gift for every little girl on your holiday list. Stock up on this popular jewelry no matter the season.
3916 item(s) in stock
If your little one loves animals, this pair of plain silver giraffe ear studs would be the perfect addition to her jewelry collection. Measuring just 5 x 10 mm and weighing 0.6 grams, this pair of plain silver giraffe ear studs is the ideal pick for those days when you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that goes with virtually anything. With bulk orders available, you can be sure you are never out of stock of this stunning silver piece.
127 item(s) in stock
update your favourite outfits with color and texture wearing these charming ear studs, made of 925 sterling silver and brown, red and dark brown epoxy colors.
1116 item(s) in stock
Crafted of fine 925 sterling silver, this cheerful pair of silver hark ear studs makes an amazing addition to your little girl’s collection. This piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry is great for everyday wear and special occasions alike. These earrings attach with butterfly clasps so your little one can easily put them on and take them off. Add them to your wish list so you can be sure you always have them in stock.
40 item(s) in stock
Here's a pair of earrings that break the mold by being boldly bronze. A single, circular crystal is cut in the simplest ways, highlighting a flat center supported by sloping angular cuts. A smoky gem for a smoky ambiance of sophistication!
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Amethyst Aquamarine Bronze Shade Dorado ...
Bronze Shade
Light Grey Opal
Metallic Light Gold
Pacific Opal
Sand Opal
(no items selected)
The spots of the leopard are one of the best ways to attract attention, and your little one is bound to receive compliments wherever she goes when she wears these silver leopard print colorful ear studs. The weight of these earrings is 0.6 grams and they measure 7 x 7 mm for extra comfortable wear. Make sure you always have these leopard earrings in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale offers.
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Found 496 items
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