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Wholesale Silver Adjustable Bracelets

Our range of adjustable bracelets are stylish and elegant. Available in both sterling silver and high quality nylon cord versions and in a choice of attractive colours from blue and white to black and brown, our adjustable bracelets come in a selection of beautiful designs. Embellishments include complex and decorative designs such as cubic zirconia stones set in gold plated sterling silver, simple designs such as plain silver circles or cloud shapes and engraved bars with slogans such as “peace” and “love.” Available at price points to suit all budgets, you’re sure to be impressed by our outstanding bracelet collection.

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Add just a bit of extra interest to any of your outfits with this brilliant piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry. Show off your glamourous side with this piece of sterling silver jewelry that will attract lots of attention. This piece of sterling silver jewelry is delicate and lightweight at the same time. The lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it comfortable for all day wear. The design of this sterling silver jewelry will definitely impress your customers.
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Become the center of attention as soon as you walk into a room when you wear this silver evil eye corded bracelet. Fashioned from 925 sterling silver for long-lasting wear, this adorable bracelet has an outstanding design that looks good with just about anything. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. With this beautiful 925 sterling silver jewelry, you are sure to increase your sales.
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Found 31 items
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  • Product ID: 39891
  • Code: CDBR2-JB10303-SB3X2 YELLOW/39891
  • Product ID: 39668
  • Code: CDBR2-JB10801-SB3X2 DK.TQ/39668
  • Product ID: 39378
  • Code: CDBR2-JB12727-SB3X4/39378
  • Product ID: 39008
  • Code: CDBR2-JB10806-SB3X2 DK.GREY/39008
  • Product ID: 39005
  • Code: CDBR2-JB7535-SB3X4 LT.GREY/39005
  • Product ID: 39004
  • Code: CDBR2-JB10812-SB3X2 BL/39004
  • Product ID: 39000
  • Code: CDBR2-JB10807-SB3X2 CORAL/39000
  • Product ID: 38997
  • Code: CDBR2-JB11710-SB3X2/38997
  • Product ID: 38995
  • Code: CDBR1-JB10976 BL/38995
  • Product ID: 38994
  • Code: CDBR1-APS1879-SB3X4/38994
  • Product ID: 36702
  • Code: CDBR2-JB9992-SB3X4 RGP/36702
  • Product ID: 37899
  • Code: CDBR2-JB12167-SB3x2 OX/37899
  • Product ID: 38181
  • Code: CDBR1-JB5614 LT.PK/38181
  • Product ID: 38126
  • Code: CDBR1-JB6188 DK.BL/38126
  • Product ID: 37479
  • Code: ABR-JB10371 RP/37479
  • Product ID: 37477
  • Code: ABR-JB6391 RP/37477
  • Product ID: 37375
  • Code: CDBR2-JB7102/37375
  • Product ID: 37374
  • Code: CDBR1-JB6969 LT.GREY/37374
  • Product ID: 37373
  • Code: CDBR1-APS1577 DK.BL/37373
  • Product ID: 37372
  • Code: CDBR1-JB10305-JB9919 DK.BL/37372
  • Product ID: 36208
  • Code: CDBR1-JB6493/36208
  • Product ID: 31781
  • Code: CDBR1-JB8468/31781
  • Product ID: 31768
  • Code: CDBR1-JB6542/31768
  • Product ID: 34051
  • Code: CDBR1-JB6188/34051
  • Product ID: 34025
  • Code: CDBR1-JB7786/34025
  • Product ID: 31783
  • Code: CDBR1-JB6482/31783
  • Product ID: 33158
  • Code: CDBR2-APS1601-FL-SB3x4-RGP/33158
  • Product ID: 33148
  • Code: CDBR1-JB6124-SB3x8-RGP/33148
  • Product ID: 25464
  • Code: CDBR-1-BR-JB6306-SB4 GREEN/25464
  • Product ID: 17337
  • Code: CDBR-EVE-BD10X4 SB PUR/17337
  • Product ID: 17266
  • Code: SHBR-JB4141RP BL-CRY/AM/17266